FAQs: Bamboo Pads

Heavily pigmented products do stain the pads, such as nail varnish and dark eye makeup. Therefore, we recommend reserving one pad for certain product removal, meaning the stains are the same. All fresh makeup and dirt are removed in the wash, however.

We recommend reserving one pad for certain product removal, e.g lipstick, meaning any stains that do not come out in the wash are the same. Add your chosen makeup remover to the pad and swipe across the desired area until makeup has lifted. Similarly, use when applying toners and other skincare products to your face.

The STYLPRO Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads can be washed up to 1,000 times before they need replacing.

Place used pads in the cotton laundry bag and wash at 30°c with a detergent of your choice. Let air dry.

By using bamboo to create our pads, we are using a self-regenerative crop which barely needs replanting after harvesting, making it a sustainable source to use. Additionally, it does not require harmful pesticides to grow and 1/3 less water to produce than water. Being able to wash and reuse the pads, means they do not contribute to the 11 billion tonnes of wet wipes in UK landfill every year.