StylPro on Good Morning Washington

StylPro on Good Morning Washington


We are excited to share with you that StylPro was featured on the Try It Tuesday segment of Good Morning Washington this week!

The StylPro original was put through its paces on the live TV segment testing personal care products.

Host Eileen Whelan was so excited to try this out and was clearly amazed by the results. 

'oh my gosh, this is actually legitimate dry' ... 
Her words, not ours! 


Our top tip ... Do not mix the StylPro cleanser with water, it is to be used on it's own to cut through oil based makeup on makeup brushes. Created to thoroughly remove even the thickest oil-based makeup on any type of brush, its gentle yet highly effective formula cuts through stubborn cosmetics.


Long-stay foundation and lipstick is no match for StylPro Makeup Brush Cleanser and Conditioner!





Team Tom 

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