Pucker up your lips - it's National Kissing Day!

Pucker up your lips - it's National Kissing Day!

To make sure your lips are at their kissable best today for National Kissing Day, here's some top beauty tips for lip hygiene.

Two of the dirtiest places on the human body include the fingers (especially under the nails) and the mouth. 

  • Choose a lip gloss that contains a preservative to help inhibit any bacterial growth.
  • Use a lip brush to apply your favourite colours and gloss, to avoid your fingers introducing germs into the pot.
  • Consider buying a new lip product if you've used it while you're unwell.
  • Throw out old lip products.
  • Never share lip products.
  • Make sure you keep your lip gloss brushes squeaky clean - StylPro hygienically cleans and drys make up brushes in seconds!

Who do you think is the most kissable female and male celebrity this year? Make your nominations here: http://www.kissingday.com/nominate.html

Happy kissing!

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