A flawless finish starts with your makeup brushes

A flawless finish starts with your makeup brushes


Let’s be honest we all want that flawless finish from time to time, if not every day of the week.


Did you know your quest to achieve the perfect, flawless finish actually starts with your makeup brushes?


It sometimes feels like a never-ending process trying to reach the ultimate flawless goal. Thinking about your skin type and which out of all the foundations that are available will suit your skin type the best. Why waste your efforts of finding your perfect match and apply it to your face with a dirty brush?


22% of women admit to not washing their makeup brushes, not once, not ever!


One in five women didn’t even know they had to wash their makeup brushes which is a worrying statistic considering it is recommended brushes are washed once a week.


Makeup brushes are our everyday tools, not only do they give a smoother and even application, they also keep oils and bacteria from your hands and fingers away from your face and pores.


We know that touching your face with your fingers can clog your pores  but your unwashed, foundation caked brushes could be causing those irritating breakouts that you just can't seem to shift.


If your brushes are already coated in makeup from a previous look they aren’t going to help you achieve that fresh and flawless glow you want to achieve this time around. You may as well be attempting the crazy 100 layers challenge  as you keep building old, cakey, stagnant makeup upon your face.


Everyone loves cake, but this is certainly not the type of cake we had in mind!


‘Cakeyness’ and uneven makeup application aside the risk of viral infections including staphylococcus, streptococcus, and e coli are real threat which will make that little pimple seem insignificant.


It’s never been so important to wash your brushes, with the StylPro you won’t need to allocate hours of washing and drying time … only a few seconds!


Better still the StylPro Cleanser will cut through the oil in foundation with ease leaving your brushes as good as new. It’s the perfect solution to a pretty gross problem.


Lets get those brushes clean, dry and ready for your next look now.


Who knew the quest for that flawless finish could teach you so many lessons!


Team Tom 

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