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Whiter Teeth in Only 6 Days

Having whiter teeth is an aspiration for many people, but achieving and maintaining a white smile can at times be tricky, resulting in several expensive trips to the dentist.

At STYLSMILE we identified the need to create an affordable, easy-to-use, non-sensitive whitening Kit that not only whitens teeth, but continues to whiten them.

The STYLSMILE Boost Kit contains an LED Accelerator and Silicone Mouth Tray plus 3 PAPtech Whitening Gel Syringes.


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We’re Different from the Rest

BOOST WHITENING with tray and gel for 6 days. You won’t find abrasive bleach in our products, but you will find a powerfully effective, yet gentle ingredient called PAP (Phthalimido-peroxy-caproic acid). While bleach may remove superficial stains on the surface of the tooth, PAP cleverly targets all three causes of tooth discolouration, reducing stains and improving the whiteness of each layer of the tooth.

Benefits and features

⭐Visible results - at least 2 shades whiter in one week


✔️LED Blue Light Accelerator with batteries
✔️Silicone Mouth Tray
✔️3 x 3ml PAPtech™ Whitening Gel Syringes

How to use

🖤 Use the STYLSMILE syringes, accelerator and silicone tray for 15 minutes every day for 6 days:

🖤 Before first use, please remove the plastic battery tab from the battery compartment of the LED Accelerator, and rinse the mouth tray in warm water.

🖤 Connect the LED Accelerator to the mouth tray by gently easing it on and ensuring the silicone lip is over the plastic area on all sides.

🖤 Apply 1/4 Gel from syringe to the upper and 1/4 to the lower inside of the mouth tray (for ease it is suggested you hold the tray vertically).

🖤 Place mouth tray in mouth, ensuring each tooth is coated in gel.

🖤 Wipe away any excess gel touching the gums or lips. Turn on the LED light and leave for 15 minutes.

🖤 After 15 minutes turn off­ the LED light and remove the tray from mouth.

Additional Information

What is PAP?

The STYLSMILE PAPtech™ Whitening Gel Syringes contain a revolutionary whitening ingredient called PAP (Phthalimido-peroxy-caproic acid). PAP targets the unnatural double bonds which cause tooth discolourations, dissolving the stains on the enamel safely and effectively to whiten teeth.

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FAQs: Boost Kit

The STYLSMILE Boost kit is a revolutionary light accelerated teeth whitening experience using blue light technology & PAPtech™. The Boost Kit contains the STYLSMILE LED Blue Light Accelerator & Silicone Mouth Tray and PAPtech™ Whitening Gel Syringes.

The STYLSMILE Boost Kit is a revolutionary light accelerated teeth whitening experience which contains an accelerator tray using blue light technology and a blue light activated gel containing PAPtech™.

Teeth whitening occurs when stains from the tooth enamel are removed or the colour of the dentine layer underneath the tooth enamel changes. Unlike other methods STYLSMILE aims to do both using PAPtech™ instead of peroxide.

Scientific studies showed that “single-use bleaching containing a phthalimido-peroxy-caproic acid (PAP) agent yielded significant initial whitening compared to baseline and placebo. These results remained stable in time, e.g. 24 h after application.” JOURNAL OF APPLIED ORAL SCIENCE, SEPTEMBER 2016.

Another study found that “phthalimide-peroxy-caproic acid (PAP) could be selected as the effective ingredient of polymer composite gel with non-hydrogen peroxide. Moreover, by comparing the new whitening gels with hydrogen peroxide (HP) gels, the whitening effect of polymer composite gels with 5% PAP were equivalent to the gels with 3% HP, and the composite gels with 12% PAP were also equally to the gels with 8% HP. More importantly, it was proved that PAP tooth whitening gel was much safer and more reliable than HP based products. It indicated that PAP-based tooth whitening products can replace low-concentration peroxide teeth whitening gel in the home-market.”

No, the STYLSMILE Boost kit does not use UV light and instead uses blue light only.

A techy note from Tom: Light is made up of a rainbow of colours which come together to form white. Sometimes when it rains, this light is split into a rainbow because each colour has a different wavelength. Red has the longest visible wavelength at around 700 nano meters (nm), orange around 600nm, green 500nm and blue around 450nm. Invisible UV light is smaller and too short for our eyes to see, it has wavelength of between 200-400.

The STYLSMILE Boost Kit has a one year warranty, after the date of purchase, on any defect due to faulty materials or workmanship. Faulty products covered by the warranty will repaired or replaced by the manufacturer (STYLIDEAS). This warranty does not cover: Brush heads, damage caused by alterations, misuse, neglect, unauthorised repairs or normal wear and tear, including chips, scratches, discolouration or fading. In the event of a faulty product please email us at, or call +44 (0) 203 225 5559.

Results can be seen after 6 days. Use the STYLSMILE teeth whitening gel with the STYLSMILE Accelerator Tray for 15 minutes per day, every day for 6 days.

The STYLSMILE LED Blue Light Accelerator energises the PAPtech™ Whitening Gel to penetrate to the dentine layer of the tooth in order to neutralise stains at a deeper level.

Independent studies with PAP show that teeth become noticeably whiter after 30 days.

We recommend that you use the accelerator tray with the STYLSMILE teeth whitening gel for 15 minutes every day for 6 days to see, on average, an improvement of 2.4 shades.

In an independent test, 81% of people didn't experience any tooth sensitivity while using the kit.

You can use the STYLSMILE Boost kit if can remove your retainer or brace. If you aren’t able to remove your retainer or brace, we do not recommend using the STYLSMILE Brush Kit.

The STYLSMILE Boost Kit is suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers, however, we would recommend you seek medical advice prior to use.

For hygiene reasons we wouldn’t recommend sharing your mouth trays.

The STYLSMILE Boost kit is for those over the age of 7 years.

The STYLSMILE Boost kit is only proven to whiten natural teeth. It is not recommended for veneers or false teeth.

We recommend that the STYLSMILE Boost kit is kept in a bathroom inside a cabinet or cupboard.

The STYLSMILE LED Accelerator Tray & STYLSMILE PAPtech™ Whitening Gels can be used without the STYLSMILE Sonic Blue Light Toothbrush and PAPtech™ Toothpaste to obtain whitening results. We would recommend using the STYLSMILE Sonic Blue Light Toothbrush and PAPtech™ Toothpaste with the STYLSMILE LED Accelerator Tray & STYLSMILE PAPtech™ Whitening Gels to enhance whitening results.

Please find a downloadable version of our instructions here