Tetracycline Teeth Staining & How to Fix It

Tetracycline Teeth Staining & How to Fix It

Blueberries, coffee, red wine, all stain our teeth, but did you know that medicines do too?


Antibiotic Teeth Staining

There is a whole host of things that cause teeth discolouration- from blueberries, to coffee, to sugary drinks. But there is one thing that we don't tend to think stains our teeth- medication. Tetracycline staining is caused by a broad class of antibiotics that are used to treat either larval or fungal infections, such as Athlete’s Foot.


What type of staining does it cause?

Tetracycline (Antibiotic) staining tends to occur with long-term prescription and usage of the medication. If used for more than 10 days, the risk of teeth discolouration increases, particularly if taken in a critical stage of teeth formation. Annoyingly the antibiotic is very effective in fighting infections, so discolouration is sadly just part and parcel.

Staining varies depending on the duration and dosages of Tetracycline used by the patient. Lines on the teeth can become more visible and the level of discolouration more severe. Additionally, dentine levels of a patient’s tooth can also impact the level of discolouration caused by the drug.


Levels of discolouration caused

First-degree staining

General yellowing in either singular or multiple teeth.

Second-degree staining

Moderate discolouration, yellow to brown or dark grey colouring.

Third-degree staining

More severe discolouration, blue to grey or black stains and lines across the tooth tend to appear.

Fourth-degree staining

The darkest level of discolouration, tooth is black with significant lines across the teeth.



Can Teeth Whitening Help?

In the past, the most common treatment for Tetracycline staining was expensive porcelain veneers, which simply mask discolouration. However, they can cause damage to tooth structure, your bank account, and severe cases commonly need a ceramic crown and dentist attention.

However, there has been great development in at-home treatments for Tetracycline staining, that are non-abrasive and inexpensive.



STYLSMILE offers revolutionary, safe, at-home teeth whitening- removing all types of stains on three levels. Using sonic vibrations, blue light technology and PAPtech, STYLSMILE teeth whitening removes entrenched discolouration on the enamel surface, beneath the enamel, and within the dentine layer.

Using 32,000 vibrations a minute, the STYLSMILE Sonic Toothbrush removes stains on the enamel face, and blue lights in the brush head accelerate PAPtech molecules in the Fluoride toothpaste, to neutralise sub-surface stains.

The STYLSMILE Boost Kit, provides the final step to three level whitening. Using the LED Accelerator Tray and PAPtech whitening gels for 15 minutes, neutralises deep stains in the dentine layer. PAPtech is a molecule that targets and dissolves unnatural double bonds which cause discolouration, without harshly eroding enamel with peroxide.

STYLSMILE simply, safely, and inexpensively removes Tetracycline, coffee, and other stains from teeth. No peroxide, no invasion to enamel and oral health, just quick and easy solution to tooth discolouration.




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