Why use StylPro Cleanser?

Why use StylPro Cleanser?

We’ve all been there, your most trusted foundation brush is dirty and caked in thick oil-based foundation, you really want to use it but don’t have the time to manually clean it.

Your bronzer brush, a summer essential, it's full of left over product, you know you should clean it but it’s such a big brush and it's going to be hours before its dry again.

The traditional methods mean planning and scrubbing and with summer around the corner you really don’t have time to waste!

Whilst the traditional soap and water method will remove powder-based makeup from you brushes, you’ll need a cleanser solution to break down the oils in foundations and lip stick.


Why so much hype about cleanser?


Not only is our amazing StylPro cleanser formulated to professionally clean your brushes without the need of alcohol, parabens and sulphates, the Wheatgerm, Grapeseed and Argan oils will also condition the bristles leaving them silky, smooth and protected.


See the difference in the video below, once you’ve tried it you’ll LOVE it.


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