10 makeup tips everyone should know

10 makeup tips everyone should know

Applying makeup doesn’t have to be difficult or tricky and it certainly should not be a chore!
Take on board our advice below and your new found skills will gain you a flawless complexion all day long. 


  1. How to get the perfect winged eyeliner

The trick is to draw your cat-eye first before you fill in the open space. Experts even recommend holding a spoon to the outer corner of your eye so that you can get a straight line.


  1. Turn an eye pencil into a gel liner

If you’ve got a pencil eyeliner that you find difficult to apply, hold it under a flame for one second, and the consistency will change. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you leave it for some time to cool before you put it anywhere near your eyes.


  1. Refresh a dried-out mascara

Mascara is only made to last for three months because after that point it can start to create bacteria that can lead to eye infections. However, regular use can sometimes mean that your mascara will start to dry up before those three months. Don’t worry; it’s easy to refresh it back to its normal consistency with a few drops of saline solution.


  1. Set your lipstick with translucent powder

At first, this tip may seem like a hassle, but once you’ve mastered it, we guarantee that you won’t be turning back because it makes any lipstick colour pop. Apply your chosen shade, carefully place a tissue over your mouth and then dust translucent powder over the top.


  1. Make your own custom lip gloss

Any loose pigments that you have lying around can be changed into a lip gloss by mixing it with a little petroleum jelly. You might want to invest in some small pots to keep your creations in and our cleansing solution for makeup brushes so that colours aren’t mixed.





  1. Perfect your lipstick

Perfect the Cupid’s bow of your lip by taking a lip liner (the same shade as your chosen lipstick of course) and drawing an ‘X’. Applying your lipstick will now be easier than ever.


  1. Conceal your dark circles properly

Concealing our dark circles is often the most frustrating part of the daily makeup application process. However, instead of dotting it in the spots you need, apply it in a triangular shape under your lashline and toward your cheek. This will help to hide the appearance of any redness and create the illusion that your face is lifted.


  1. Apply mascara from tip to root

We’re sorry to tell you that you’ve probably been applying mascara wrong for your whole life. Rather than applying it from the root of your lash to the tip, go the other way and you’ll see a huge difference in volume and length.


  1. Hydrate your foundation

To achieve a dewy look make your foundation more moisturising. First, squeeze some onto the back of your hand and then mix it with some hydrating water with a brush or your fingers. We recommend rose water for this, as it has great benefits for your skin.


  1. Don’t forget your neck, cleavage and shoulders

If you’re wearing bronzer or highlighter on your face, don’t forget to apply some to your neck, cleavage and shoulders (if exposed) so that you don’t look mismatched. A big, fluffy brush will be the best suited for this.


What are you waiting for?
Go Test out your new skills. 


Team Tom

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