Studs and Dreams

Studs and Dreams

If there's something beauty wise that can be used for more than one use then I'm always game. Space is a major issue and with my ever growing collection of not only beauty, but just stuff in general (yes I'm admitting to being a massive hoarder, but I'm blaming my Dad for that, he is too!) so I'm forever looking for multi-use products. We're talking the new multi-use beauty hacks I've got my hands on and trust me they're worth a look at.

I've been really into Stylfile since last year and actually, they made a little feature in my 2014 favourites and rightly so for their innovative introduction into the nail file world. I'd have never thought the curved edge of a nail file would work, would be good, or would even be worthy of being added into a favourites. To put it lightly, I thought it would be a total gimmick but how wrong was I. I've not looked back to the usual straight files since, as these curved files make it that bit easier and as you may know, I'm a total lazy gal when it comes to nails and these make that laborious process that much better.

Stylfile have recently released a couple new additions to their range and we're talking the Stylfile Mani Pro and the Stylfile Infuse. The Push, Cut and Shine (Mani Pro) is a 4-way nail buffer with a nail tool on the inside allowing you to do all of your cuticle work. It's super easy so perfect for any nail noobs out their like me and again, it's so much in one tiny space. Perfect for travelling right? Now the Stylfile Infuse is a little more luxurious for me. There's something about a cuticle oil that feels that bit more indulgent as it's something I don't do all the time (which I probably should) so this is great for that. The oil is great, really hydrating and so easy to use with the added bonus of the nail file on the top. The cuticle oils are refillable so you don't have to shed out for the whole tool again, so you can use on and on without even thinking about it.

I'm always up for a beauty hack, a multi-use product and this is great for that.

Lorna x

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