Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: A Day on Shoot at STYLIDEAS

See what happens behind the scenes on a STYLIDEAS photo-shoot and hear from the young creatives that represent our brand...

Here at STYLIDEAS HQ, we have had a bit of work done. In the past week, we have created an inhouse studio for all our creative projects. We are situated on a farm, surrounded by greenery with plenty of thinking space for our beauty-based ideas. But we needed a physical space for all these ideas to come to life in. So, we built a studio for shoots and creative work in our warehouse. A place to create all the scenarios where our products would fit seamlessly into your lives.

To give you an insight into how our inventions become realities, we thought we would show you behind the scenes of our latest video shoot. We spent a whole day shooting video content of our new STYLSMILE Teeth Whitening range. When Inventor Tom started STYLIDEAS, he needed people to support his ideas from a young age. That is why when we embark on creative projects, we consult the young minds of today and what the world looks like through their eyes. On the day of our shoot we invited a team of young creatives into our studio to model our products.

We sat down and spoke with our models, Harrison, Phoenix, Harris, Freya and Emilija before they went into the studio, about what it meant to be a young creative working with innovative brands like STYLIDEAS.

Speaking to our models...

From full time actor and director, to Site Manager craving a creative outlet, our models spoke of their appreciation for brands that work with people of varied experience. Harrison aged 18, is an actor, screen writer and director. He spoke about how being a young, freelance creative ‘a lot of people…will judge on the number of your age, as opposed to your intelligence. It’s about how you live your life and what you’ve done and your experiences, more than your age.’ Freya, 17-year-old fashion student and model agreed; she stated how she sometimes feels ‘you are just here for the photos and then you go home,’ expressing that there can be a lack of care for you as a young employee, because you might not ‘speak out’ against imposing brands.

At STYLIDEAS, we are always keen to work with and support young creatives with a story. We discussed how the transparency of STYLIDEAS is something that makes for a ‘less pressurising environment,’ allowing everyone working in that space to feel more confident. 20-year-old Site Manager Harris, had never modelled before our shoot. Harris said that having the opportunity to create ‘ a balance between having an involvement with the more structured side’ of his managerial life and a space to do something more dynamic like modelling, would make his working life more ‘fun.’

Also craving a break-away from her business apprenticeship, model Emilija says she ‘like[s] talking to people, engaging with them,’ as opposed to ‘just sitting in an office.’ Having the opportunity to come and work on STYLIDEAS projects helps her interact with people in a way that is lacking in her 9-5. Phoenix is currently studying Journalism and preparing to trial for drama school. He said that being able to ‘get involved in this work has been great for building myself a portfolio’ equipping himself with tools for his creative career.

All 5 of our models agreed that working with the brands you can relate to and products you care about, make their work worthwhile. We came to the agreement that space for simple ideas to grow into big realities, is vital for the next generation. Being able to create space for young people’s aspirations and ideas, is another problem Inventor Tom and Team work to fix. Like how we solved issues with makeup brushing cleaning, we have created a space for those who feel lacking in creativity. Behind and in front of the camera, are people and products that have making lives easier at heart.

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