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More than one third (38%) of British women are unhappy with the state of their natural nails. The most common complaints are dry and damaged hands and nail beds – and many of these problems are exacerbated by bad habits.

Research from Stylfile has revealed that most of us do not take care of our hands, with 60% of women using bleach without protective gloves and 78% not using gloves to wash up. Only 29% of women realised that gel nail varnish could be harmful for nails and 20% of 18-24 year olds leave their nail varnish on for up to three weeks.

Stylfile is encouraging women to break these habits and start taking care of their nails with the world’s first moisturising nail file – Stylfile Infuse (£11.99). In development for the past two years, the file includes enough almond oil to nourish nails and cuticles for 365 days, along with Stylfile’s distinctive curved design.

The file combines two abrasive sides to allow shaping of the nail and two replaceable heads. Users can click the file to release the blend of organic almond oil.

Stylfile creator and The Apprentice winner, Tom Pellereau, said: “When professionals told me the key to amazing nails was moisturising every day, I asked ‘Who has the time?’ It’s okay if you’re a catwalk model or footballer’s wife, but what about everyone else?”

Pellereau added: “The Infuse nourishes nails to keep them healthy and hydrated as well as shaping them so it saves time. Stylfile would like to challenge people across the UK to love their natural nails and moisturise every day for 1 month and see the difference.” 



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